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5 Easy Ways to Motivate your Team/Employees!

5 Easy Ways to Motivate your Team/Employees!

05 September 2018
Kelly Motivation

Ever feel like nothing ever works in getting your team up and running? It can be frustrating but with these little tricks and tips, motivating your team will be a team. It can be difficult getting a team to respond to orders with enthusiasm but you just need to know the right tricks of the trade. A team is one of the foundations to a smoothly running company and to achieve the best possible outcome, you need to motivate your team as best you can!

So here you have it, five simple ways you can motivate your team:

1. Write to them, getting a pen and paper and getting personal with them to deliver your recognition to them. We love to be appreciated.

2. Take a genuine interest in their future career path that they have chosen. It helps with the attitude towards a manager who really cares.

3. Also, take a genuine interest in their personal lives. Don’t be pushy when it comes to sharing but do be understanding about family issues and appointments etc. Small gestures can create a huge difference.

4. Listening thoughtfully to your employees’ ideas will help them feel more appreciative and motivated to innovate.

5. What goes around, comes around. This is valid in every sense in your life but in your workspace in particular- showing respect to the individual employees awards you with that same respect.

Hopefully these were a bit of an eye-opener and encouragement to get the momentum of motivation running through your team. We wish you all the best in getting up and running smoothly.