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Valentine's Day focus on Generation X

Valentine's Day focus on Generation X

05 September 2018
Kelly Valentine's Greeting

Generation X is the demographic group of people who follow after the baby-boomers (Born from 1946 to 1964). Their period of birth stands between 1961 to 1981, but there’s still a lot we’re learning about them. Now, while it might be senseless to group them together and not individualize them- there is a bunch of things that they just love. So, this Valentine’s Day we are going to show you a few things that the Generation X loves.

Flexibility. Now, we don’t mean touch your toes with your nose kind of flexibility, no. We’re talking about flexibility throughout time. Generation Xers have been through some winding times, affording them the ability to adapt with ease. Generation Xers are always game for change and can let it run by smoothly. Xers have also been known to not be committed solely to one employer for two long but with good reason. They are less afraid, than previous generations, of switching job positions to get ahead to where they need to be. Connected to the change, Xers are very opened to diversity and always do well when induced with it.

Now despite stereotypes, Generation Xers are actually technologically efficient. Xers are the first generation having grown up with the computer and has seen through the launch of mobile phones. Technology in their lives are just as integral and important as they are in a Millennial’s life. It connect people to people and it’s a key part in communication and keeping relations in check. They are comfortable with having their world at their fingertips- with cellphones, emails, etc.

Generation Xers love their freedom and independence. Xers were born during a time where two-income families were birthing and divorce rates were skyrocketing. Due to these and many other reasons, they like to have control over their own life because they have had it from an early age and, while they are good at taking instruction, they are plainly invested in their individuality. They are self-sufficient and can easily stand the rain.

They love music. Xers was the first generation to be introduced to MTV when they had just started airing music videos. They are also known as the “MTV Generation” because of this. The television basically raising them when they were left at home alone after school- another term for them is “Latch Key Kids”.

Xers also love philanthropy. According to the Corporation for National and Community Services, Xers are the generation most involved with voluntary services to give back to the community. So while they are independent, they see to it that others are also given the opportunity to be so too.

Xers also love to keep healthy. Most Xers like to look for healthier and more natural options and brands. And while Boomers and Millennials are the generations that go to the gym the most, Xers are definitely not lagging behind. Healthy is the new sexy and Xers are all about this trend.

We have covered that Xers are generally individualistic- this also mean an influx growth in entrepreneurship amongst the generation. As mentioned before, they like being independent and like to have their freedom, resulting in most to start up a business where everything is under their control.

There you have it. A few things about the Xers. Now, hopefully you know a bit more about your colleagues and since it is Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to spread the love towards them. It is always appreciated. If we missed anything that YOU love, please mention it in the comments. We’ll be more than happy to read about you.