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Kelly has set the standard for excellence as a temporary staffing agency operating across Africa with over 50 years of experience.
Partner with Kelly for seamless temporary staffing solutions or find your next temporary opportunity with Kelly today.

Our promise

Our top-notch consultants, armed with unparalleled industry knowledge, ensure rapid deployment of highly competent professionals. We match the right candidate with the right job, every time, from general admin to specialised roles. 

We set

the standard


Our unmatched industry experience enables us to accelerate the recruitment process to secure the right talent swiftly.

Boosting productivity to provide your organisation with a lasting competitive edge. 


We address varying hiring needs without sacrificing reliability.

Our commitment to adaptability supports fluctuating hiring volumes while maintaining consistency.


Achieve swift turnaround times in recruitment with seamless and efficient processing for volume hires.

With Kelly you will experience streamlined and effective hiring processes.


We set the standard and uphold The Gold Standard in personnel quality, delivering the best candidates in highly competitive labour markets.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

At Kelly, we don't just fill temporary vacancies – we build lasting partnerships. Contact us now to experience the difference firsthand

Understanding you

Understand your management style

Understand what success means for you specifically

Understanding your business

Understand your business

Understand your company culture

Understand what success looks like in your business

Source your Talent

Talent Magnets for candidates and clients

Traditional and Non- traditional sourcing methodologies

Interview and shortlist your Top Talent

Integrated recruitment methodology


Presenting Top Talent to you

Kelly presents our top candidates to you

Upon successful shortlist of our candidate further background assessments
are run

Appoint Top Talent

Appoint Top Talent

Kelly is confident in our service delivery and provides our client’s with a 3
month guarantee

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